To become the number one of factory in products that serve the construction and electromechanical companies in the (GCC), through the manufacture and sale of high-quality products possess the confidence and satisfaction of all customers.


The Modern Metal factory, is become the leading regional and global levels to provide integrated solutions for construction companies and electromechanical factory.


The Modern Metal factory, is become the leading regional and global levels to provide integrated solutions for const-Commitment to the highest quality standards in production and provide manufacturing services.ruction companies and electromechanical factory.


Value increase the competitiveness of the product based on the expertise and administrative competencies and distinctive economies.


The Modern Metal Factory has build an integrated management concept for the company resulted in fruitful cooperation between different departments to devise a distinctive and diverse products found echoes of satisfaction among large numbers of consumers direct and indirect in the GCC and the Middle East countries.


Because of our valued customers and desires changing requirements is a constant source of inspiration for the Modern Metal Factory to create more of the best products and the most memorable, the company permanently improving and developing infrastructure and production lines and storage facilities and logistics and personnel training.


Modern Metal Factory choose career success through modification plan to target only improve the quality of the product to focus on both quality improvement and taking into account the changing requirements of the consumer.

Our Process

Modern Metal Factory is consistently working on the procedures to offer "quality Metal products", has certified the integrated management system of Modern Metal with ISO 9001 for quality management systems.

Our Facilities


We assure the quality of all equipment, materials, structures, components and systems utilized in the manufacturing and operation of industrial facilities is comply with all relevant our production quality standards and regulations. Verify materials and final products through independent for Quality audits, inspections and witness. Benefit from quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) in the factory’ facilities and all day management process.

Security and safety system

Is a flexible and scalable security management system for the development of a strong and designed to strengthen the capacity of providing situation awareness for the protection of critical infrastructure and emergency response. Building on the steering system powerful and advanced control and very SAFE integration platform providing an ideal essence to manage the security needs and efficiency in daily operations.



Our Products

  • Block Accessories, Plaster Accessories and Steel Lintels.
  • Cable Management system.
  • Cladding Fixation.
  • Expanded Metal.
  • Gypsum profiles.
  • General Metal Fabrication.


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